Rigging hardware that disappears into the background.



When the curtain is pulled back, what will the audience see? Whether it’s a play, a dance performance or an opera, the success and magic of a performance relies on the functionality of the theatrical rigging equipment being used.

Theatrical rigging supplies and equipment include chain hoists, clamps, hoist bags, harnesses, fall protection systems and more. Rigging equipment is needed for sound and lighting gear and even staging itself. This is truly what makes the show go on: the technical background that allows the magic to happen on stage.

Quality theatrical rigging equipment does a few absolutely crucial things:

  • It keeps crews, performers, audiences and everyone else safe.

  • It permits incredible special effects and performances that entrance audiences.
  • It stays out of the way and does its job (the best equipment is all but invisible, not noticed by anyone in the audience).

Which theatrical rigging companies deliver?

The right equipment can allow you to deliver performances that may have otherwise seemed impossible. Quality equipment designed to be safe and innovative can only come from a quality theater rigging company.

When you need gear for your performance or live event, there are a few things you will want to look for in a rigging equipment company:

  • Experience. For your event, you want a company who knows how to handle the event — because they have been on the front lines of similar events in the past. Mountain Productions is one North America’s largest staging and rigging equipment companies. We have served clients across the country and around the world for thirty years, and have assisted in every step of the process, from concept to install.
  • A commitment to safety. Safety should be more than an item on a checklist. For a theater rigging company, it needs to be present on every job and in every client interaction. At Mountain Productions, we test and re-test our equipment and are always researching the safest and most innovative products to bring to the entertainment market.
  • A dedicated and experienced staff. When you have questions about the equipment or need help, who can you call? A quality company has a fully developed team to assist you every step of the way. Mountain Productions has an engineering department, sales department, full crew and personnel who can handle all aspects of theatrical rigging.
  • Choices. Do you want to rent or buy? Do you need hoist bags with logos or specialty equipment for your event? Mountain Productions offers a wide array of services and products to help you meet your goals.
  • Quality products. Safety is the most important ingredient of any performance or event, and quality products can help ensure everyone on your team gets the performance and safety they need. Quality products from trusted brands are an important part of the equation. One of the most trusted brands in the rigging industry is Columbus McKinnon, and Mountain Productions is a Master Distributor of CM products.

Whether you need chain hoists, harnesses or other equipment for a theatrical production or event, contact Mountain Productions for the equipment and service you need to bring magic to the stage.