Keeps you protected while staying out of the way.



The Shockwave™2 line of lanyards expands and contracts (6' to 4' 6") with a worker's movements, but also stays out of the way when it is not in use. A built-in impact indicator is easily seen to determine if a lanyard was involved in a fall. With the Shockwave2 lanyards, the average fall arresting forces are reduced to 900 lbs.

The Shockwave™2 lanyards are available in multiple configurations including the following specialty uses:

  • Rescue: These lanyards incorporate a built-in D-ring to help facilitate the rescue of a fallen worker
  • Web Loop: Simply choke-off to back D-ring or to dorsal web loop. This reduces weight and is ideal for electrical applications where no metal above the waist is preferred
  • Nomex®/Kevlar® Arc Flash: Constructed from unique materials, these lanyards are ideal for high heat environments or for electrical work when arc flash is a concern
  • Tie-Back: When a qualified anchorage connector is not available, a tie-back lanyard acts as both a connecting means and an anchorage connector
Single-Leg with Snap Hooks at Each End x 6ft
Double-Leg with Snap Hooks at Each End x 6ft
Shockwave2 100% Tie-Off
Single-Leg with Snap Hook & Steel Rebar Hook x 6ft
Single-Leg with Snap Hook & 5000lb Tie-Back Carabiner x 6ft