Retractable line for easy setup and transport.


VISIT OUR RIGGING SHOP EZ-Line Horizontal System

The EZ-Line™ retractable horizontal system is user friendly and extremely fast to install and set up. The retractable design eliminates large and bulky coils of cable that are difficult to manage.

The EZ-Line™ has customizable length in any increment up to 60ft and built-in pre-tension and impact indicators. Another benefit of this system is that it is 33% lighter than conventional systems.

Installation is completed in four simple steps :

  1. Attach the lifeline with carabiner to an anchorage connector
  2. Depress the locking button allowing cable to pay out and walk to the next anchorage
  3. Attach the housing/case with carabiner to the anchorage connector
  4. Tension the lifeline with the built-in crank handle


  • Built-in winch for fast and easy set-up, use and dismantling
  • Customize length in any increment up to 60ft
  • Built-in pre-tension and impact indicators
  • Capacity of 2 workers