Prevents drops of objects up 35 lbs.



Our jobs can be very dangerous, requiring us work at height with various tools in the most efficient, yet safe manner possible. Let your workers concentrate on the task at hand by equipping them with the necessary safety equipment to complete the job. Drop prevention products help workers protect the crew below them. Python Safety’s durable and reliable tool tethers secure tools from accidental drops.

The Hook2Loop Bungee Tether is a versatile extension that can be used with virtually any tool less than 10 lbs. Python Safety’s tethers are designed to last longer than the competition, and are third-party load rated and tested for maximum safety. A locking carabiner prevents accidental opens, and the loop end secures the bungee tether to its attachment point. Note that this tether avoids using barrel locks on its loop end. Barrel locks are extremely dangerous and are not the correct way to tether a tool. Python Safety is the expert in Fall Protection for Tools® that workers all over the world trust when at height.


The Hook2Loop Medium Duty Bungee Tether is built for durability and longevity and is the tethering solution for tools weighing up to 35 lbs. This tether is built from custom, abrasion-resistant webbing and features a twist-lock carabiner for easy use, even while wearing gloves.

The Mountain Productions’ crew has been working at height for years. We know what it’s like working with a crew below us and nothing but the clouds above—there are inherent risks which require personal fall protection, but also equal danger in the event of a dropped tool or object. This experience and focus on safety has resulted in a strong relationship with fall protection and safety experts DBI-SALA and Python Safety. These companies live and breathe workplace safety, and have developed products that address almost every working scenario at height.