Mountain Productions' MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG has been engineered and manufactured to meet the rigors and challenges inherent to the entertainment industry. Our proprietary design delivers an uncompromised level of strength and durability.

Constructed of a super tough polyethylene resin (10 times stronger than traditional laminate flight packs), the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG is resistant to chemicals, heat, dust and moisture. The material used is 90% recycled PE and will not degrade over time.

The result is a significantly extended lifespan when compared to the current industry standard. Your assets and resources represent a significant investment. Protect them with a case that not only meets, but exceeds these challenges.

MTN Box Top View Dimensions MTN Box Inside Dimensions
MTN BOX Steel Frame

A heavy duty, recessed steel frame surrounds the perimeter of the case and is designed to help displace the weight of the case contents.

MTN BOX Casters

Swivel casters allow workers to smoothly push the MTN BOX® wherever the gear needs to be.

MTN BOX Caster Cups

Molded caster cups located on the lid "cradle" the wheels, allowing stacked cases to remain stationary and secure during transportation.

MTN BOX Handles

Heavy duty spring loaded handles make transporting and moving the MTN BOX® efficient and comfortable.

MTN BOX Whiteboards

Whiteboards are located on the top and sides of each case's lid for easy labeling and organization.

MTN BOX Inserts

Customizable inserts allow you to organize the interior of your case to accommodate chain hoists, rigging, tools, etc.


Customize the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG to fit your needs! Integrated channels on the interior of the case work with a wide variety of inserts specifically designed for the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG. With hundreds of combinations to choose from, the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG can be modified to accommodate whatever you need to transport. Chain hoists, rigging, tools and more can all fit together in organized MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG cases. Streamine your workflow and keep your valuable equipment organized and protected.

MTN BOX Channels
MTN BOX Inserts
MTN BOX Packed

Finding the Right Chain Hoist Road Case

Road cases are about a lot more than just getting gear from Point A to Point B. Chain hoist road cases protect your investments and potentially extend the life of your equipment, saving you aggravation and money. The right road case can also help keep you organized. Whether you’re in charge of a rock concert, political rally or other event, you want everything to run smoothly. The MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG comes with customizable inserts so you can store your chain hoists, tools, rigging, and other gear just the way you want – letting you find what you need when you need it.

An effective road case is also about safety. Damage to your gear can mean serious safety concerns and even liability issues, but not all damage is visible. After a rough drive or flight, how can you know whether your equipment is somehow damaged and unsafe? Mountain Productions has engineers experienced with entertainment production on staff, so we understand safety. Our chain hoist road case was designed to help you get to your event with your equipment protected and ready to go.

From heavy-duty caster wheels to spring-loaded handles, our case has all the details to make setting up your event much easier. We also understand that you have better things to do than running around trying to find a storage solution because a case didn’t arrive in optimal shape. Mountain Productions has designed the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG to be even harder-hitting than your toughest acts, so this is one lasting investment.

Safety, durability, and versatility — They’re in the box with MTN BOX®.

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