Strength and versatility – now in a compact design.


Our newest road case design, the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series SM, has been engineered with the same focus on durability and versatility as our MTN BOX®. The smaller size of this case is ideal for various trucks and smaller storage loads.

The MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series SM is constructed of super strong polyethylene polymer that is 10X stronger than traditional ATA cases. This case is resistant to chemicals, dust, heat, and moisture. The MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series SM is environmentally conscious, and is manufactured using 90% recycled PE.

Using our unique insert system, the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series SM puts the freedom of customization into the user’s hands. We’ve created various water-jet, precision cut inserts that are completely interchangeable and removable to help organize and partition your gear. Our inserts can accommodate chain hoists, rigging hardware, fall protection, tools, and much more.

MTN Box Top View Dimensions MTN Box Front View Dimensions
MTN BOX Steel Frame

A heavy duty, recessed steel frame surrounds the perimeter of the case and is designed to help displace the weight of the case contents.

MTN BOX Insert System

The molded channels in the interior of the MTN BOX® are designed to fit a variety of inserts to keep your gear safe and organized.

MTN BOX Handles

Heavy-duty hardware is used for maximum strength, and all hardware is easily replaceable and serviceable.

MTN BOX Caster Cups

Molded caster cups located on the lid "cradle" the wheels, allowing stacked cases to remain stationary and secure during transportation.

MTN BOX Casters

Swivel casters allow workers to smoothly push the MTN BOX® wherever the gear needs to be.


Threaded holes in the interior of the lid allow for the installation of hooks to hang chain hoist hooks. We have also extended the insert channels into the lid to allow inserts to fully surround your gear.


The possibilities are endless–how will you think inside the box? The MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series SM has integrated channels on the interior case walls and lid to accommodate a variety of precise cut inserts. Our inserts are water-jet cut, and take on many shapes, including cradle inserts for Lodestars, straight dividers, and more. Our innovative insert system will take your case organization to the next level.

MTN BOX Channels
MTN BOX Inserts
MTN BOX Packed

Strength and versatility – in a compact design.

We know the importance of a reliable road case. Our jobs require expensive gear and transportation, and also relies on a crew’s organization for efficient load ins and outs. That’s why we created the MTN BOX® line of road cases. The MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series SM road case is tough as nails, yet small enough to perfectly accommodate your smaller packs and needs.

The MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series SM can re-invent the way you store your equipment, as well as the way you work. With features such as a writeable whiteboard and our insert system, crews now have the ability to streamline their workflow, and know they are showing up to the job site with neatly organized packs for easy load ins.

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