Traditional flight packs available in a variety of sizes.


Stacked ATA Cases
Prostar Case
Double 1 Ton Hoist Case Next Gen Frame

Mountain Productions carries a variety of ATA flight cases designed to store all models of CM chain hoists in multiple configurations. These cases maintain strength and protection for your valuable assets during transportation.

The 1 ton electric chain hoist case is constructed with a Pozi-Lite substrate, which is 30% lighter than conventional plywood. The CM L frame dual hoist case is the lightest double 1 ton motor case in the entertainment industry, weighing in at only 90 lbs empty.

Along with the double 1 ton case, Mountain also offers a single 1 ton case, and all cases are available in the classic style and next gen style frames.

The CM F frame double half ton hoist case is also the lightest in its class, weighing 61 lbs empty. Stacking boards on the cases allow for up to four units fully loaded with hoists, chain bags and chain to be stacked high. Separate chain compartments can easily accommodate 125 ft of chain.

Mountain Productions also provides a 500 lb Prostar hoist case, which is also constructed of a Pozi-Lite substrate. The Prostar 500lb hoist case is avaiable in double, quad and six unit configurations, and is available in a variety of colors.


  • Heavy duty recessed hardware
  • Made with a Pozi-Lite substrate
  • Polyurethane swivel casters
  • PE foam suspension system
  • Stackable 4 high
  • Available in a variety of colors