office: (570) 826-5566, ext. 224

mobile: (570) 332-9826


Matthew Griffith, EIT serves as Mountain Productions’ Director of Internal Operations. Matt joined the Mountain Productions’ engineering team in 2008 and has since become one of the lead engineers in the department. Two years after his arrival on Mountain’s campus, Matt received his Engineer in Training (EIT) Certification.

His duties have immersed him into the design and engineering of Mountain’s extensive catalog of projects and Matt has worked on thousands of event structures throughout his career. He is the “go-to” member of the Mountain team for all departments, excelling in internal communication and strategy, and is responsible for the cohesiveness of the various teams and their duties.

Matt’s extensive knowledge of construction, design and engineering has made him a key point of contact for the coordination of all of Mountain Productions’ departments. As Director of Internal Operations, he is responsible for the management and organization of Mountain’s multiple fabrication shops, including the Carpentry, Welding, Paint, Softgoods and Chain Bag departments. Matt also assists in the company’s equipment and material purchasing and offers valued insight to the logistics department.

In his free time, Matt enjoys going to the movies with his wife, golfing and enjoying a good beer by a fire with friends. He is an avid hunter and fisher, as well, and heads outdoors as much as he can. The Wilkes-Barre native stays busy with personal carpentry and welding projects at home, along with mechanic work on vehicles. Matt’s own passion for building, repairing and creating feeds into his success as a skilled production expert and he’s a valued friend and colleague amongst his personal and professional peers.