Mountain Productions is looking to add a staging supervisor to our team, based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The successful candidate must be willing and able to travel throughout North America and will be expected to install and oversee temporary staging and rigging systems for a range of projects, including the largest events and festivals.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Safely oversee the installation and dismantling of temporary staging, event structures, and related ancillary platforms under time constraints
  • Manage event production crews on the ground and at-height, working closely, event and venue management teams, and on-site vendors
  • Create and manage large labor calls
  • Conduct safety inspections on all equipment, oversee preventative safety measures, and monitor the safety of both the crew and equipment
  • Collaborate with road crew supervisor, staging consultants, and the in-house engineering team on projects, as necessary
  • Prepare, inspect, and maintain equipment in all stages of event production

Expected Qualifications & Attributes

  • Superior leadership skills with the ability to adapt to a fast paced production environment
  • A keen sense of organization with the ability to see many steps ahead on a job site
  • Strong interpersonal skills to properly interact with clients
  • 5 years of related experience would be preferable
  • Must be available to work/travel 7 days a week
  • Excellent attention to detail, interpersonal communications and time management skills
  • Relevant references should be made available upon request

Company Overview

Founded in 1979, Mountain Productions is the largest staging and event production company in North America, working on more than 18,000 events with thousands of world-renowned clients. The company is highly diversified with a focus on innovative product design and manufacturing for the entertainment industry along with E-commerce solutions for rigging and production gear at Mountain Productions also has a film and vibe division that are focused on providing bespoke solutions for brand activations and unique festival experiences.

Mountain Productions’ capabilities include, but are not limited to a full in-house engineering department led by a Professional Engineer, dedicated fabrication shops, stage supervisors with thousands of project builds completed successfully and safely, and streamlined logistics for trucking and transportation. Mountain Productions is a turnkey provider of the highest quality staging systems and production services.